Inexorable- Not to be persuaded, moved or stopped: relentless(Merriam-Webster)

We all face adversity. Every single day of our life. From traffic and fair-weather friends, to sickness and trying to make ends meet. It's how we deal with adversity that defines…

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My Final Goodbye

We have been asked a good bit in the past 2 years about Icarus, the second single from the Battlegrounds Album, and what it’s really about. Some have said Mythology, others have said, Christianity. And there are still other people…

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Stay A While My Rosalee

She died today 

I fell from squinting eyes wrenched with pain 

Through ocular lids squeezed together as if in a vice 

I rolled down feverish cheeks in an attempt to make my escape 

Only to fall to my own death…

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The Broken

Did you see the couple with the cute baby at the mall? They were wearing the right clothes, pushing the newest stroller, and driving a nice SUV. You may have even been a little jealous. What you didn’t see was…

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The Gift Of Beard

…and the 4th wise man gave Jesus the gift of beard….OK, no, that line can not be found anywhere in the bible. Or in any other religion to my knowledge. However, the beard is a  very spiritual thing. The following…

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