And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane, by those who could not hear the music”

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In 2012, hailing from the rich cotton fields of South Georgia, a four piece band of brothers announced their arrival on the music scene.  Silversel's debut album, Where Angels Dare(Produced by Steve Grisham of the Outlaws and Blackhawk fame), was an independent commercial success. So much so, that the first single, Heard It All Before, caught the ear of the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, for best new rock song. It subsequently made it to the "Short List"( last round of voting before nominations) but was beaten out by Queens of the Stone age, and Neil Young.  While carving their own niche into the ever changing world of music, their high energy and entertaining shows afforded them the opportunity to support some of the greatest names in rock, like Molly Hatchet, Pat Travers, Ghost Riders, Quite Riot and many more including era members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws, Firefall, Pure Prairie League, Jimmie Van Zant,  and the Gregg Allman Band. 

Silversel's second album, Battlegrounds built off of the back of the previous album. Seeing major, digital, and college radio air play. Notably, the first 2 singles from that album, All Outta Rocks, and Icarus. Held #1 and #2 spots for 16 plus weeks on the DRT charts. The band also secured the coveted cover spot for ION Indie Magazine. It was during the Battlegrounds Tour that Silversel decided that fans were not getting the full show they could offer. It was with the fans in mind that they decided to free up front man, Wally "Preach" Silver and add a guitarist to replace him live. "Cheif" Mikey Burress and long time friend, "Dirty" Daniel Durden fit the spot perfectly.

Currently, Silversel has released their 3rd album entitled, Inexorable. The 6 song Ep was released on Jan. 12th 2021. While most thought it unwise and even a little crazy to release an album during a pandemic, Silversel pressed forward, and gave fans what they wanted. The band tackles major issues with these new songs. From Opioid addiction, to domestic violence, to anxiety and depression, Inexorable is unapologetic in it's delivery. And Silversel is just getting started. Rumors have flown throughout the online world that Inexorable is merely part one of a larger full length album. And the rumors are true. 6 more tracks are coming to complete the Inexorable album as early as end of summer 2021.