Stay A While My Rosalee

She died today 

I fell from squinting eyes wrenched with pain 

Through ocular lids squeezed together as if in a vice 

I rolled down feverish cheeks in an attempt to make my escape 

Only to fall to my own death, soaking into cotton fabric as if it were where i belonged all along 

I am Wally’s tears. 

She died today 

I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline course through me as if hit by lightning 

My outer shell began to harden and crack as I fought against this unseen force trying to over take me 

The cracks began to grow, and in a matter of seconds,  it did not matter anymore 

No matter how hard I tried, I could not stay together 

I broke. 

I shattered into thousands of tiny pieces  across the floor, as if I was thrown there in anger. 

In desperation I reached for  pieces of myself. Trying to somehow pull myself together. 

But the damage is done. I am broken. 

I am Wally’s Heart 

She died today 

I shook for what seemed like hours 

My body sweats like a man on a Georgia chain gang 

I wrung myself together with my mirrored twin till it hurt 

I am Wally’s hands 

She died today 

It was as if I could not control myself 

I saw my brother begin to move first 

Then I followed closely behind 

We began a chase for first place 

He and I both taking turns leading 

Through hills and holes 

On asphalt, grass and dirt 

Searching for a place to kill the pain 

I am Wally’s feet 

She died today 

And there was nothing we could do…

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