Heavy music born in the south, raised in the big city

Silversel's signature sound has been compared to that of Clutch, Sasquatch, Godsmack and the like, with a bit of Southern Rock thrown into the mix for good measure. 

Awards / nominations

We have released 3 Albums, Where Angels Dare, Battlegrounds, and Inexorable. On the backs of these albums we have had the opportunity to open for and tour with some of the bigger names in Rock and Southern Rock. From Skillet, Texas Hippie Coalition, Tantric, and Trapt, to Molly Hatchet, Marshal Tucker Band, and Southern Rocks Finest to name a few. In the midst of this, our single Heard It All Before(where angles dare album) caught the ear of the Grammy's. We were in the running for the 56th Annual Grammy's in 2 categories. We made it to the “short list” of final 10 and narrowly missed the nomination. 

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